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Little Pod Bourbon Vanilla 100g

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Product Details

These high-grade, natural Madagascan Bourbon vanilla pods are plump, moist and full of fruity, floral notes.

Harvested from an exotic orchid, they grow only in a limited number of tropical habitats.

Use in vanilla ice-cream, custard, make vanilla sugar, or chop and add to your ice cube tray.

10% of all orders goes towards community projects in the vanilla-growing region of Madagascar via Blue Ventures. 

Certified organic, free from nuts, suitable for vegans, Kosher, gluten free.

Keep in an airtight container in a cool dark place, once opened.

About the brand

Several years ago, with a different hat on, LittlePod’s founder Janet hosted a vanilla day for her local community in Farringdon, East Devon. Her friend from the States, an expert in the vanilla industry, hopped across the pond to tell people about the history and cultivation of this exotic spice.

The talk fascinated Janet and got her thinking. How could she spread the word of pure vanilla – which is generally underused in modern cooking – and help the people whose livelihoods depend on growing it?

By setting up a company! And one with 3 clear aims:

  • To create products which promote exciting new ways of using vanilla in the kitchen
  • To inform people of the diverse applications of vanilla and describe the benefits of using the natural stuff over its artificial counterparts
  • To help communities which rely on vanilla cultivation and conserve the fragile ecosystems in which pure vanilla is grown.

We take our responsibilities seriously, which is why we strive to ensure that every aspect of what we’re involved in, from pod picking to package recycling, is as sustainable, ethical and conscientious as possible.

This is reflected in everything we do, from our choice of supplier to our packaging materials (such as aluminium and glass, which are widely recyclable).

We run the campaign for real vanilla

Vanilla is the world’s favourite flavour, but in the West it has become synonymous with plainness. That’s because 97% of the food industry uses vanilla essence, a cheap artificial substitute that’s chemically synthesised and contains just 1 flavour compound.

Pure vanilla, on the other hand, is far from ordinary. It contains over 250 well-being compounds and is one of the most labour-intensive crops in the world.

As a result, the vanilla farmers in Madagascar are de-foresting (the vanilla orchid needs a host tree) to grow palm oil, which is in much higher demand, in order to earn a living.

“We’re on the precipice where we could lose real vanilla within a generation if we don’t act now” – Patricia Rain, Sustainability Expert dubbed ‘The Vanilla Queen’ by the vanilla farmers

What can we do:

1. Use pure vanilla in our kitchens (it tastes better anyway!)

2. Insist that what we buy (cosmetics, ice-cream, desserts, cakes…) contains pure, natural vanilla

3. Educate others on the difference between artificial vanilla & real vanilla.


Natural madagascan vanilla pods
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